I’m an elementary school teacher. I love kids — grown-up kids, too!

I’d be happy to read A Place Where Sunflowers Grow and share related topics including:

  • History of the Japanese American internment
  • My family’s experiences with the internment
  • The art school at Topaz Relocation Center
  • My grandmother’s art career
  • The writing process
  • The publishing process

To discuss a program that suits your group’s needs and interests, and to inquire about availability and rates, please contact me at amy (at) amyleetai (dot) com.

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Northside Library, Charlottesville, VA


“Thank you for the wonderful library program. It was so thoughtful and well presented. You handled a serious topic with gentle grace and sincerity and maintained a focus on courage and hope (just like the book).”
— Heather Wilk, Children’s Specialist, Northside Library


“Your talk was powerful for [my students] and allowed them a realistic view into the world of publishing…I love the message that when you write what’s passionate to you and your life, you do your best, and then magical things can happen.”
— Lee Owen, Teacher, Baker-Butler Elementary School


“I wanted to express my appreciation for your program. I thought it was excellent. The legacy you have from your grandmother – her spirit, wisdom, and her art – is quite remarkable. Thank you for sharing that with us. I thought the meeting room would be filled but I did not envision the overflowing turnout that we received.”
— John Mitchell, Friends of the Greene County Library, Virginia Festival of the Book


“You were terrific! So at ease and so directed to the audience! I felt your passionate and gentle spirit.”
— Marianne Baker, Associate Professor of Reading Education, James Madison University


Past Visits:

Northside Public Library, Charlottesville, VA, 5/2018

Charlottesville Book Fair, CitySpace, Charlottesville, VA, 11/2017

Herrick District Library, Holland, MI, 11/2017

Holland East Elementary School, 3rd-5th Grades, Holland, MI, 11/2017

Pine Creek Elementary School, 3rd-5th Grades, Holland, MI, 11/2017

Woodside Elementary School, Holland, MI, 2nd Grade, 11/2017

Baker-Butler Elementary School, 4th Grade, Charlottesville, VA, 6/2017

Charlottesville Book Fair, WriterHouse, Charlottesville, VA, 12/2016

Palo Alto Buddhist Temple Obon Festival, Palo Alto, CA, 8/2016

Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, 2nd & 3rd Grades, Charlottesville, VA, 3/2016

Northside Public Library, Charlottesville, VA, 8/2015

San Mateo Buddhist Temple Bazaar, San Mateo, VA, 6/2015

Baker-Butler Elementary School, 3rd Grade, Charlottesville, VA, 1/2015 & 4/2015

Baker-Butler Elementary School, 5th Grade, Charlottesville, VA, 6/2013

Baker-Butler Elementary School, 4th Grade, Charlottesville, VA, 6/2012

Meriwether Lewis Elementary School, 4th Grade, Charlottesville, VA, 5/2008

Mary Washington University, Literary Education, Fredericksburg, VA, 4/2008

Tufts University, National Day of Remembrance, Medford, MA, 2/2008

University of Virginia, Writing Across the Curriculum, Charlottesville, VA, 11/2007

Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, CA, 6/2007

University of Virginia, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Charlottesville, VA, 4/2007

Virginia Festival of the Book, Greene County Public Library, Stanardsville, VA, 3/2007

Cascades Library, Potomac Falls, VA, 11/2006

James Madison University, Children’s Literature, Harrisonburg, VA, 10/2006

Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Charlottesville, VA, 9/2006

New Dominion Bookshop, Charlottesville, VA, 8/2006